Rejuvenation- Soy Lite Candles

Rejuvenation- Soy Lite Candles

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We’ve searched for the ultimate candle experience and we think we’ve found it.  This hand-poured soy candle is made of 100% natural soy wax, coconut butter and the pure essential oils.  Once melted, the warm wax can be used as a luxurious skin moisturizer or massage oil.

This handmade South African product is expertly blended with essential oils created to relax and uplift the spirit while pampering the body.  Feel the experience with someone you love.

Rejuvenation is a wonderful blend of lemongrass, lavender & chamomile.  The blend offers a refreshing and enlivening combination inducing clear and creative thoughts.

SoyLites Votives (70ml) 

Burn time- 18 hours