Next stop.... Madagascar - YEHT CO.
Next stop.... Madagascar - YEHT CO.

Next stop.... Madagascar

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Its time to open our passport so it can be stamped reflecting our visit to Madagascar. 

If you’d like to experience veritable flavor fireworks of fruit and caramel, then our Madagascar chocolate is for you. Its multi-layered fruity bouquet, evoking island chocolates, is unforgettable. It emits a wonderful fragrance combination of berries, forest fruit, caramelized nuts and a hint of citrus. The aromas typical for Madagascar will be even more noticeable on the palate. Once you taste a piece of this chocolate, you will experience an initial interplay of dark nougat and caramelized limes, immediately replaced by mildly nutty notes and a suggestion of forest fruit resting on a bed of cream. The finish is dominated by an impressive and lingering berry aroma with accents of raspberry and delicious citrus fruit. The chocolate, with its reddish color and very mild and nutty finish, leaves a delicious aftertaste of caramel cream and forest berries.

Fragrance notes: berries, forest fruit, caramelized nuts, echoes of citrus fruit

Taste notes: dark nougat, caramelized lemon, mildly nutty, forest fruit with cream, intense berry aroma, echoes of limes, delicious and mild, nutty finish with notes of caramel cream and wild berries

75% dark chocolate

100% Fairtrade

100% Vegan 

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