Whiskey, Bacon and Chocolate

Whiskey, Bacon and Chocolate

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This yummy bar is referred to as crunchy & merry.  Comprised of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa with exceptional filling that tastes fantastic.

Yes there is a yummy whisky filling with a hint of smoked bacon rinds from the chocolatier's own organic pigs.  They are actually bathed in whisky to ensure a subtle smoky flavor.  The bacon rinds are then taken out, and the bacon-flavored whisky is allow to flow to the  ganache of dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa and a bit of caramel.  Then a second crunchy filling from caramelized pork cracklings is created.  It is then dipped in hazelnut praline and milk chocolate. Finally a bit of cinnamon is added to give it a bit of a kick.

This recipe creates such a yummy treat.

*Certified Fair Trade Product.