Next stop.... Ghana - YEHT CO.

Next stop.... Ghana

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Its time to open our passport so it can be stamped reflecting our visit to Ghana. 

Extraordinary! Amelonado cocoa from Ghana, a bean that starts emitting its delicious scent as early as the roasting process. This cocoa has a very intense chocolatey flavor with mild notes of cream and fruit. It’s an outstanding cocoa variety with a very short conching time.

What is conching you say?   Its a process that promotes flavor development to give you the ultimate yummy experience.

This delicious bar is proof that there is exceptional cocoa to be had in Africa.

Fragrance notes: a mixture of liquorice, nutty praline and spices, mild notes of fruit (cherries, lime).

Taste notes: intense chocolatey, notes of cream, biscuit and liquorice, mild notes of fruit (cherries, lemons, grapefruit), fruity and subtly astringent echoes of grapefruit.

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