2020 in Review and a Thank you!

Yeht Company started as most mom-and-pop companies do, from humble beginnings.  Pop up events introduced Yeht Company and the idea of handmade, fair trade, quality products from around the world to the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland for many years.  However, upon reflection it was decided that a retail location was needed to help with the growth of the company.  Baltimore offered diversity that is reflective of the international fair-trade products we carry in our store.  Additionally, the store is in an area that offers an abundance of activities which makes for a great day visit.



Unfortunately, shortly after we opened our doors in December 2019, we began to slowly learn of the Covid-19 virus.  As with many small businesses we were seriously impacted.  Our store was closed for approximately 5 months.  During that time, we maintained our vendor/artisan connections, did a lot of letter writing to various representatives/funding institutions, attended medical/retail educational programs via Zoom about best practices regarding Covid-19 and thought about changes needed to the business to go forward in this new normal.



When we could re-open the landscape looked completely different. A serious pivot was necessary, and it was time to apply all that was learned to properly respond to the crisis.  We started with protections for our customers and employees.  We invested in systems to clean the air in the store rapidly, increased our daily product cleaning schedule, installed a touchless hand sanitizing station, counter shield, and incorporated temperature checks.



Additionally, we fully committed to learning about the benefits of social media.  Learning the functionality of each platform and utilizing them.  Finally, we tightened our budget to ensure we met our financial obligations locally and abroad.  



In conclusion, as I reflect on 2020, I can honestly say it has been a year of growth, grit, pain, and satisfaction.  I feel so blessed that you chose to share the journey with Yeht Company.  If you made a purchase, thank you.  If you followed us on social media, thank you.  If you told a friend about us, thank you.  May 2021 be a blessing to you.


















Yeht Company



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